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Case Management

Case management services guide and empower clients to reach the level of wellness, self-management and functional capability needed to transition from homelessness to safe, healthy and sustained independent living.

Each resident’s case management plan is developed giving consideration to individual needs and values. Using multiple sources of input, the Renewal House case manager helps each person identify his/her goals, strengths and challenges. The process identifies and builds on the inherent resilience and potential for growth and development that each resident has but may not always recognize when first admitted to the program.

Throughout the process of plan implementation and monitoring, the Renewal House case manager:


links each resident with appropriate resources, services, and opportunities;


encourages problem solving and appropriate use of community services (medical, mental health, social services);


promotes individual self-advocacy and self-determination;


advocates for each resident, if and as appropriate.


The purpose of the counseling program at Renewal House is to empower residents to accomplish and sustain independent living goals that they establish for themselves.

Residents participate in a 60 – 90 minute group counseling session each week. Groups are designed to target a specific issue, such as depression, self-esteem, anxiety, healthy relationships, hope, etc. that is relevant to all or most members of the group.

Participation in group counseling gives residents the opportunity to identify aspects of their lives that they need to change or would like to change in order to live independently in a safe environment.  Through counseling, residents acquire and learn to use appropriate tools and community supports to work toward that desired change.

In all aspects of the counseling program, priority is given to taking individual responsibility for learning the coping and relationship skills that are essential for living healthy, independent lives.

    Life Skills

    Renewal House empowers men and women to restore their lives. Life skills are the tools that are needed to sustain those lives into the future.

    We all have different talents and skills. However, certain skills are essential to maintaining housing and leading safe, healthy lives – skills such as managing money, planning and preparing healthy meals, creating and maintaining positive social connections. While at Renewal House, residents can focus on enhancing those life skills that they will need to create a safe and stable life once they return to community.

    We are fortunate to have a wonderful network of community partners who offer workshops and individual coaching to residents who are working hard to rebuild their lives. Information about upcoming activities can be found in the Events page.

        Graduate Food Pantry

        During the past year, food pantries throughout Danbury have reported a significant increase in demand, particularly among the elderly and families with young children. Renewal House graduates often have difficulty accessing existing pantries because of lack of transportation or because of the challenges of waiting in line outside in inclement weather or during times of excessive hot or cold temperatures. For those reasons, Renewal House has expanded our onsite food pantry. We have also begun providing transportation to the pantry once a month for graduates who need our services.

        Various community members provide donations of food, paper and personal care items. Management of the graduate food pantry is handled entirely by a Renewal House resident – just one more example of how Renewal House residents give back to the community that supports our program.

        If you or your organization would like to sponsor a donation to our food pantry, we would welcome your support. Let us hear from you!

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            About Renewal House Danbury

            At Renewal House we are devoted to rebuilding older lives by restoring independence, one life at a time. We do this by providing transitional housing, case management, counseling support, and life skills enhancement tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each resident.