In so many ways, Tim has led a fascinating life – undertaking adventures that few would have had the courage to pursue.

He graduated from Dartmouth College, studied at Cornell Medical College and earned a Masters’ degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina. For a time, he worked as a medical researcher pursuing studies in pharmacology and studying the effect of radiation on cancer patients.

His fond childhood memories are of trying to coax minnows into a tin can, learning to play the piano, building a racing boat with his father and sailing it on the Hudson River, traveling to Bermuda with his family. He loved “standing on the deck at the bow as the ship dipped into the waves.”

Tim was remarkably adaptable and self-sufficient in many ways. In his 20’s, he began traveling throughout the United States – from the East coast to Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, through the Midwest to South Dakota, Montana and north to Canada. He was, in his words, “kind of a rolling stone,” always seeing the country from a different perspective, observing people and nature.

“Sometimes, just the offer of a home is enough to start someone on a new path in life.”

He remembers episodes of not feeling like himself, followed by hospitalizations. He received a diagnosis, but he was never given consistent treatment or a follow-up plan of care. The lack of proper medical attention created terrible disruptions in his life.

In 1998, he found Renewal House

When asked why he decided to stay at Renewal House after so many years of traveling the country, Tim answered simply, “Because I was invited to stay.”

Sometimes, just the offer of a home is enough to start someone on a new path in life.

Today, Tim has a home of his own by a beautiful lake. He returns to Renewal House every month for potluck dinners and to be an inspiration to those who are on a journey he once traveled.

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